Home Buying 2.0

That’s when Houser showed up. We call it Home Buying 2.0

We are making incremental improvements to the home buying process by aligning your needs with the currently complicated and rarely exhilarating journey.

We don’t want to over-promise, so we won’t discuss all of the ingenious ways we ‘wow’ our clients. But we will say that our model is very refreshing when looking at traditional business in real estate, and we think you will become our best source of future referrals when we get it right with you!

We are a collection of experienced professionals in the lending, real estate and technology industries that are building a better path to home ownership for YOU. Real people with real experience, looking out for you -refreshing isn’t it?

And right now- you’ll be able to look back in a year and say, “I am one of Houser’s clients because I’m a genius and knew that they we’re becoming a big deal before everyone knew their name.”

By the way, we’re PRO-service, Professional, and earn our commissions and fees that we charge. We don’t offer discounts or rebates, because we take pride in the investments our team makes to stay at the top of our game and obtain the best results for you. If you team up with us, it’s due to our track record of over delivering, closing on-time, as promised.

And if you were wondering, we’re not a technology company that decided we’re clever and want to get into the ‘highly lucrative’ real estate business…Yeah, right. Nobody in their right mind dreams of the brain damage and emotional distress inflicted by earning a living in the real estate industry. Only passion and dedication would drive us to make it a reality and change this industry for the good.

I hope we can serve your real estate needs.



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