Home Buying 1.0

A story with a happy ending — sometimes.

Up until the turn of the century, someone looking to
buy a home could’ve taken a journey like this:

Then the internet happened and the journey changed —

Up until the turn of the century, someone looking to
buy a home could’ve taken a journey like this:

1. Read the weekend newspaper classified ads for houses on the market.

2. Drive around neighborhoods on evenings and weekends.

3. Stop in Open Houses in neighborhoods you want to live in.

4. Have a listing agent set up a tour of homes for you.

5. Find ‘the one’ and decide you MUST have it.

6. The agent recommends that you get Pre-Qualified with their friend, a mortgage lender.

7. They let you know that you don’t have nearly enough money saved up for the down payment.

8. You miss out on that house, but start to save diligently for a year; paying off debt.

9. The lender also said you have some dings on your credit that you need to clean up, so you do that as well.

10. A year later you start house shopping again.

11. That house you loved SOLD; the interest rates went up (so you qualify for less); and the market got HOT; so you now have to compete with other buyers for any good home that hits the market.

12. Your agent isn’t the savviest, so you unsuccessfully make offers on 3 houses, only to lose the bidding wars.

13. You’re frustrated and exhausted, so you decide to sign another one-year lease in the apartment you’ve been donating most of your paycheck to for the past 3 years…

Then the internet happened and the journey changed —

1. Many people look online to browse neighborhoods and homes that are on the market.

2. You see one you like, so you click to take a tour of the home.

3. It’s nice, but not perfect. The listing agent recommends you get qualified for a mortgage, so you apply at an online lender to get the best rate!

4. You get pummeled with offers -calls and emails, because they sold your information to 25 lenders and 25 real estate agents. ARGH!

5. You select one online lender that is 1/8% lower than the rest! YAY for us!

6. You have the agent take you shopping! You’re excited.

7. You find your dream home and because your agent knows the market, you offer $10K over the asking price -and you win the bidding war!

8. You jump through 10 hoops, get additional documents, negotiate the inspection repairs, fight with the appraisal to come in at value…

10. 30-days later you are supposed to close, but the lender can’t close the deal on time, or for the promised rate, or price. -Or at all. You lose your dream home…

Or everything goes RIGHT, and you DO close on your dream home! -eventually. BUT – you’re worn out emotionally, psychologically, financially and physically (after the move) because you felt like a criminal to the lender’s requirements, and a pinball between the lender and the real estate agent. It was a taxing experience and you feel like you’ve been through the ringer. -Never really feeling secure that it would close, and on schedule. That’s if everything goes right.

If your agent and lender aren’t top notch, you could have one of a hundred hiccups that blow your plan out of the water.

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