About Us

There are more horror stories than we have time to share, but let’s just agree that there are many aspects to buying your dream home that are less than fun. Our aim is to dramatically change this process for the better.

Our Story

Houser, like most innovation, was born out of the frustration (being experienced by the buyer), with the current solution. It shouldn’t be rocket science. The data is out there, and we have the technology (or are building it). It’s about people, our dreams, wants and needs in getting our dream home.

Help us evolve your journey into a seamless flow that results in you NOT losing sleep (other than from excitement), nor hair (unless you like it that way).

What is Houser?

A new, better way to buy your dream home. We are transforming the home buying experience by making it more convenient and effective for you, through better tools, communication, and a highly efficient team to get you there.

Why Houser?

We’re people empowered with technology, making it easier for you to let us know what you want. Our team of REAL people is also here to let you know what we’ll need in order to get you the keys to that home!

Community matters

We are comprised of locals that deeply care for our community. That’s why we donate time and funds toward worthy local charities. As our company evolves you’ll read about how we contribute to making our neighborhoods better by being great corporate citizens.

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