Information Technology • Bob Holert and Joe Verner

Information Technology is continually changing and evolving. This is true for both “end users”, those companies who implement technology solutions to improve, streamline and drive efficiencies in their business as well as technology companies who develop products and services. For both, success is dependent on hiring the right IT leadership, management and technical talent to develop solutions that meet the company’s needs today and have the band-width to continue to evolve those solutions in the future. These professionals are in high demand and have a variety of professional options since it is universally recognized there are more opportunities than talented IT professionals.

This is a market Houser Martin Morris has served since our inception. Our recruiters have successfully completed a wide-variety of IT searches for difficult to find IT professionals for client companies including this representative sampling:
Chief Information Officer • Chief Technology Officer• IT Risk Management/Security Director • Data Warehouse & Business Intelligence Director • Applications Development Director • Database Administrator • Data Base Analyst • Communications Engineer • Customer Support Engineer • Hardware Engineer • Network Engineer • Software Engineer • Software Quality Assurance Engineer • Technical Support Engineer • UNIX Engineer • Applications Developer • C# .Net Applications Developer • Software Developer • Product Development Manager • Project Manager • Software Engineering Manager • Software Quality Assurance Manager • SAP and Oracle Technical & functional individuals • ERP/ Systems Integration Professional Consulting Services Sales Manager & Account Manager.

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